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Moment of Love in the Life of Navya and Anant in Navya on Star Plus

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Navya and Anant in Navya on Star Plus
It is the romantic moment in Navya and Anant’s life. Both feel something amazing in their life. Both are not normal. They do something amazing which make them different. They don’t understand the situation. What is it? They need to know the answer. Their life has been changed now in Navya on Star Plus.

Recent episode of Navya begins with a romantic scene. Navya and Anant are seen in the jungle. Both are seen very close. They are near to kiss each other. Their hearts are beating with high speed. Suddenly, Navya backs away from Anant.

On the other hand, Mrs. Majmudar is seen in the girls’ room to search Navya. She tells Appy to call Navya soon because there was a call for her of her parents.

In the next scene of Navya series, Anant gets a call from his grandfather. He is amazed to see the call. He is just nervous. He talks to him. As the call ends, Appy appears there.

She asks Navya to come back in the camp. She tells about the call. She returns. Navya also talks like Anant. She is also nervous. She doesn’t know what she should talk.

Anant is seen very angry in this episode of Navya. He was playing basketball alone. The whole scenes come in his mind. Suddenly, Ranbir comes there. He tries to disturb Anant’s concentration. But Anant still thinks about Navya and the call of grandfather. Ranbir talks the romantic moment with Rits but Anant shows no interest.

In the next scene of Navya on Star Plus, Appy asks Rits to tell the romantic moment with Ranbir. Navya is also very curious to hear. Rits talks the romantic moment with Ranbir. The moment is compared by Navya with Anant.

Navya - Nayi Dhadkan ... Nayi Saawaal on Star Plus express the views of young generation of India. Recent episode of Navya talks about youth physical and hormonal changes. It is based on the spontaneous attraction of opposites. You can watch Navya on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 10PM in India. It is a very different love story from a love triangle in Gunahon Ka Devta on Imagine TV.



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